According to most neuroscience studies, 80% of the population agrees that their number one fear is public speaking.

Number two is death.

Adrià Fontcuberta


Software Engineer at Holaluz (👋💡)

Adrià Fontcuberta


Frontend Developer at Holaluz (👋💡)

Adrià Fontcuberta


UI Engineer at Holaluz (👋💡)

Adrià Fontcuberta


Webmaster at Holaluz (👋💡)

Obesity wat?

Hold on, Adri... is it that bad?

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Who fed the Internet?


Devs and designers.

We love complexity.

Hype driven development.

Complexity is good for:

1) Making people believe
they can't do your job.

Simplicity is good for:

1) Everything else.

Fake simplicity.

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Killing fire with fire.

Code splitting.

Dynamic or lazy loading.

Assets minification.

Compression algorithms.


Product Owners

...and other stakeholders.

Death by features.


Ads and trackers.

Again. Is it that bad?

Without blocking ads/trackers:

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265 requests

Blocking ads/trackers:

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32 requests

Blocking ads/trackers:

1.3 MB (-80%)

32 requests (-88%)

Without blocking ads/trackers:

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302 requests

Blocking ads/trackers:

3.63 MB (-65%)

67 requests (-78%)

Without blocking ads/trackers:

6.26 MB

281 requests

Blocking ads/trackers:

1.36 MB (-78%)

26 requests (-90%)

What is wrong with these people?

It's all about the business model.

Ads = Google + Facebook

Internet = Google + Amazon

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Us — People making the web.

Ads/trackers — People making money from it.

What's next? Are we doomed?

We need to improve our perspective.

I don't care about bloat because it's inefficient.

I care about it because it makes the web inaccessible.

Poor performance leads to exclusion. It's an ethical issue.

We should get our priorities straight.

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Dead to pixel perfect.

You can't create an excellent experience for everyone.

You should aim for an acceptable experience for as many people as possible.

So... Are you thinking of underdeveloped countries?

Yep. You are thinking of underdeveloped countries.

Have you ever surfed the web in the subway?

On a train?

Do you remember EDGE and 3G?

Do you remember mobile first?

Now it's time for Progressive Enhancement.

Good intentions vs. Pareto's Law.

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  1. Internet is fat and bloated.
  2. This makes our medium less accessible.
  3. We hold (some) responsibility for it.
  4. We need to get our priorities straight.